Largest font choice still not large enough

Ok this is obviously an issue with my older eyes which need larger text nowadays to read. I have the aA menu cranked all the way up to the largest size and it’s still about 2 levels smaller than I really like. Can the range be bumped up a few levels?

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I would even take a theming how-to that would show me how to create an implement a theme myself.


An option to configure minimum font size, or other custom CSS to override the html styling in the mail would also be very welcome on my end. I understand that for some the ability to express ones character or message via html is important (e.g. emojis and tables are important for me) but having a way to overwrite certain options for readability is probably an important accessibility feature as well. Similar to having a way to zoom in.

I have no idea if that is feasible at all but having an extension like Stylish or Darkreader run in the electron framework would be awesome :slight_smile:

Aside: I tried to modify the font size quick and dirty via a theme and although I import email-frame I cannot seem to find a way to overwrite the value in my theme. However, CSS and LESS are still very much foreign languages to me and I don’t know what class/id to target. So documentation on how to customize the Email body style would be very welcomed.

@amandabee @DrBones Don’t forget to Vote for this issue at the top.

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Thank you for the heads up. I however am more looking for a greater font customization and not “only” a larger font size. Should I vote for this issue nonetheless and see if it gets turned into that or rather search for or open my own issue?

Thank you again for trying to bring order to the chaos and cater to beginners like us!

It would probably be the most productive to vote for this in regards to font size, and then create a separate Feature Suggestion for the other desired feature.

why can’t we actually just zoom in / out, even in a separate window, when reading email?

I use different size screens and sometimes i sit further or closer, and i love being able to ctrl+scroll to resize window contents… It works almost everywhere, and makes a lot of sense, especially with this kind of content.

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