Last update to 1.10

I gotta say, you have exceeded the point of no return. The latest update tells me that my email database is corrupt and forever goes into a loop that will not correct the issue.

I was so excited about this app and the fact that it was exactly what I needed. Now, your updates create more bugs and more issues. I’m done. I’ve uninstalled the app. If you guys can’t build a product that actually works, I’ll find someone who can.

I get this is a side hustle for you guys, but why would I even want to pay you for a product that continually gives problems? Why would anyone pay for this? It was bad enough that every 2 days I had to completely restart my computer, because Mailspring wouldn’t authenticate with Gmail. The only work around I found was to restart the entire OS, because closing Mailspring still seemed to keep certain aspects in memory. Each update has brought more issues to the forefront. Instead of fix things, you create more problems with every fix. I’m done. I’ve deleted the software and I’ll find a different alternative. It may be a side hustle to you, but many of us have come to rely on it and there in lies the problem.

The fact that you don’t make public updates as to what’s going on, or even take the time to post about what you’re working on, tells me you really could care less, so I could less about the success of mailspring and will find services that actually work.