Layout-sensitive Keyboard Shortcuts and No Old Emails In Inbox

I’ve started using Mailspring today and I have a couple issues I couldn’t find anywhere to solve, so it may be bugs.

First, keyboard shortcuts seem to be layout-sensitive - for example, I’ve set E to archive emails, and when I switch to RUS layout in Windows, so it’s letter “У” instead, it’s not working. When I switch keyboard layout back, it works as usual. This is a very weird behavior for an app in 2023, to be honest. Can it be fixed?

Second issue is that I don’t get older emails in my inbox - they stop showing up if they are more than a month old or something, but they (even very old ones) can easily be searched for. I didn’t find any option so the older emails in Inbox show up properly.

Thank you!

Expected Behavior

Make shortcuts work in both keyboard layouts if they involve keys with letters.
Load older emails if they are in Inbox.


1.11.0-6193b33c from official installer on Windows 11