Left mouse button click on system try icon

I just upgraded to the current mailspring release.
I used to click on the system tray mailspring icon with left mouse button and mailspring window popped up showing inbox folder. Then I click again on the same sys try icon and mailspring window disappeared.

Now with 1.10.3 version, if I click on the icon it present a menu, the same menu that appears by clicking with right mouse button.

I just upgraded my whole linux system from slackware 14.2 to the new 15.0. So I cannot tell if this behavior is due to mailspring or to something broken on my system.

What should happen by left-clicking on the systray icon?

Thanks in advance!

I think this is a bug in mailspring.
Looking at the code (app/src/browser/system-tray-manager.ts) it is not obvious how this happens. It could be a bug in electron.

Could be, I noticed same issue using “whatsdesk” application: also in that case, by clicking with right button appears the same dialog popped out when using left button, and that program is basically “web whatsapp” inserted in an electron app.

Other apps like for instance teamviewer or qbittorrent, that have systray support too, maximize and hide to tray properly when I left click on their systray icons.

So, the issue seems related to electron based apps.