Left Pane: Hide/Show Folders

The Problem

I’m always frustrated when I need to search for my folders in a long list. I work in such a way that I am sorting incoming emails to folders “to do next”, “can do later” and “archive”. Every time I check my e-mail I looking into these folders to see is there something important to do.

Proposed Solution

Possibility to customize the top section (to show or hide folders there) or add a new section e.g. “favorites” where I can do it.

I am working on multiple e-mail accounts and it is very helpful to me that you joining folders from every account (e.g. I see in inbox e-mails from all accounts). It will be nice if you can do something similar to this “favorites” folders – but this is not necessary for me now.


(Originally posted by RustBeard on GitHub.)

Would be great to have an option to hide some of the default labels under All Accounts:


For instance, Reminders, Snoozed and All Mail.

On macOS this is definitely implemented in Spark, I think also in Airmail.

(Originally posted by igor-krupenja on GitHub.)

I think both, Favorites and the ability to hide folders, are necessary additions to the Sidebar. Currently, it lacks the kind of customizations to make it truly useful. I have a lot of folders I automatically filter my mails in. However, with either all or none of the folders shown in the sidebar this is rather confusing.

Is this something that can/should be done with themes/on the GUI side or does this require C++ work?

I can hide things in the sidebar with the developer tools and custom div IDs and CSS but I have no clue how to make that stick or even accessible through some kind of setting. Some pointers would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


This would indeed be in the Typescript code for the frontend. That said, this should probably largely go in Settings > Folders.