Lighter (Less "Pro") subscription option


I am really happy with Mailspring. I am currently using 4 accounts in Mailspring, and I need to subscribe Pro if I want to add one more. But it’s kind of too much to spend $8/mo just for one more account.

If there’s lighter subscription options - for example, fixed number of accounts to be connected but more than free - I’d happy to pay for the service.

I really appreciate about the beautifule and easy-to-use Email application, which is also available for cross-platform. Thanks.

First of all, you do not need to pay for Mailspring Pro to connect more than four accounts. That was a former Nylas Pro limitation that Mailspring dropped, but the interface wasn’t updated to reflect the change for some reason. The next version does fix the interface, however: Remove the subscription advertisement when you have more than 4 email accounts - #5 by CodeMouse92

As to having a lower-tier Pro subscription, this’ll ultimately be up to the project owner, Ben. However, we have chatted a bit about having 2-3 tiers.

One possible setup might be:

  1. Mailspring Essential: No Contact Pane or Automatic Translation.
  2. Mailspring Pro: Same as current Pro.
  3. Mailspring Global: Automatic Translation (the most expensive API).

Woh, Thank you for the kind explanation. Now I’m even happier because I can use more than 4 accounts. Also, it’s good to hear that Mailspring’s preparing for more tiers.

Thanks again, @CodeMouse92

Personally I subscribed this year to support the project, but I would be happy to downgrade to a version without automatic translation for cheaper. I do find 8$/month a bit expensive (even if in euros it is a bit less)

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