Links Not Working

Installing Mailspring in Deepin with snapd, the links inside the messages don’t work by clicking on it. Mailspring doesn’t open any browser. Recognizes the links and allows to copy but mailspring is not opening any browser when links inside mails are selected.

(Originally posted by Galvanize87 on GitHub.)

It’s still an issue. It seems to be isolated to the snap version. just uninstall the snap version and download the standalone linux version for your distribution. I can’t complain too much seeing how it’s free. But it has been a bug for a long time. not sure why they won’t address it. It does work correctly on the distro specific version. I’ve been using that way since 31. and i’m pretty sure it’s been updated at least once in that time. It actually didn’t bother me too much since I quit using snap all together. the containerized versions of software seem to be buggy at times and take up a ton more space. in a pinch i guess they are ok if you can’t get it to work otherwise but my experience has been that the snap versions are a little more cumbersome. to each his own though.

(Originally posted by matthewejacob on GitHub.)