Linux - deb file - checking for update


I would like to ask about deb file and updating. So far I am preferring this way of installing Mailspring, because it better integrates with my system running Pop OS. Would it be possible to integrate into the Menu > Help a way for checking for updates?
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I think that Mailspring already notifies you when there’s a new version. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I’ve seen a pop-up on the lower-left corner, telling me about the new version.

What I would love to see is a repository for deb files, so updates can be automatically distributed to everyone. Creating a repository is not hard and it could be automated with a Github action when there’s a new version released and a new deb created.


Indeed, this is a great idea.

@fcastilloec is right. Mailspring, when installed via deb package, will give you a pop-up notification in the bottom-left corner when a new update is available; it’s how I installed Mailspring 1.9.0 today. I never have to check for updates, Mailspring will just tell me when there’s a major release.

Yes, true. I am using Mailspring for a week now and today, I also noticed this. It is great :slight_smile:

It would be handy for the deb version to be able to automatically download and apply the new version (after user approval) instead of requiring going to the website, downloading, and running the install command.

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