Linux systray: unread emails

The Problem

I’m always frustrated when I leave certain emails as ‘unread’ in a shared mail account, that Mailspring keeps the systray icon highlighted (in my case, blue). Opening the app to see if there is new mail is aggravating, and keeps triggering my OCD when I see this blue icon. Closing Mailspring clears the blue from the icon, but it turns blue again moments later (presumably when it checks and sees unread emails).

Proposed Solution

Track state of unread emails somehow on closing/minimizing the app. Only when the ‘count’ of unread emails changes upward, mark the systray icon as ‘new mail’. This obviously should be a preference that people can turn on/off.

Isn’t this what Starring emails is for? Unread means precisely that, and Mailspring (like most mail clients I know of) indicates when there are unread emails in the Inbox. If you want to keep certain emails noted for later use, you could either (a) star them or (b) put them into a folder “To be dealt with later”.

A shared account can cause problems when one person marks an email as Read when another person still has to read it, I know. But it’s a limitation of the system itself, surely, not Mailspring?

I figure that this is not an unknown use case, especially for family accounts, small startups, etc.

This is why this is logged as a Feature Suggestion, not a Bug. :slight_smile: