List item styling for starred emails

In Outlook, when an email is starred/flagged, the background of email in the list changes to a light yellow, making it more obvious that the mail is in fact starred.

Would it be possible to add a similar styling option for this in Mailspring? There are already styling options opened, unopened, and focused emails.

Currently, a “focused” class is added to the “list-item” element when it is focused. Would it be possible to also add a “starred” or “flagged” class to the list-item? That way custom templates could color accordingly.

Apologies, I haven’t actually tried this out, but if you’re ok with forking and customising your current Mailspring theme, would something like .list-item:has(.thread-icon-star) work as a CSS selector for adding the highlighted background?

Thanks for this, I had completely forgotten about that selector. I have not used much CSS in the last few years. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working when I tried it. It looks like mailspring is using Electron 17, which uses Chrome 98, which does not support that selector. They would need to upgrade to Electron 21 at least, and that sounds like a massive annoyance.