Live Tile (Windows 10)

Live Tile is a feature that many Windows App uses to display information on the Start Menu. The built-in Mail and Calendar app of Windows 10 uses Live Tile to display summaries of new, unread emails.

This is actually a greatly convenient feature, especially when many other apps supports its. Opening start menu is like opening a notification center.

Sorry I could not provide any information on the implementation. I have absolutely no knowledge how electron app could implement that. Only suggesting from the perspective of a user.

Thank you very much.

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Ahh man I love live tiles on Windows, they’re great. I’m not sure how we’d go about doing this - if anyone wants to contribute and has some windows development experience, we basically need an Electron app to get a live tile. Hopefully other Electron apps have figured this out already!

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Here is an example from Felix: GitHub - felixrieseberg/electron-uwp-background: Sample explaining how to use UWP background tasks with Electron apps

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I would love to see live tiles for Mailspring so I can happily unpin my Windows 10 mail app!!!

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