Mac Mail conversion and Local Folder abilities?

Finally leaving Apple in rear view mirror. I have 20 years of extensive emails sorted into a large number of LOCAL folders (i.e. not on mail/imap server).

I am moving to Linux (Fedora) and looking for a mail client which to replace Mac Mail.

  1. Can Mailspring allow my use of LOCAL folders on my machine?
  2. If so, is there any way to convert my heavy Mac Mail database/folders into Mailspring?


Unfortunately, this feature (a “Local Folders” account for messages) hasn’t been implemented yet in Mailspring. It’s been talked about for a number of years. Example:

Therefore, on Fedora Linux you’ll need to use something else for this feature, such as Claws Mail, Evolution, or Thunderbird. Claws Mail has been around for decades, is very flexible, but is fairly spartan in its user interface (which many prefer for email). Evolution is a “way of life” – it can do many things and is fairly pleasing to look at, but expects you to use it “their way” (it fully supports creating accounts with local mbox/maildir storage, though).

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Thanks very much. I have not heard of Claws Mail. Obviously I have heard of Thunderbird which is my known last resort, I’d prefer to use something else if poss. Evolution - I don’t like the sound of that “way of life” and using it how they want, had my fill of that with Apple, hence my leaving!
I will take a look at Claws, thanks very much

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I don’t want to give Evolution a bad wrap… it is a very nice client. I have just found a few areas where it cannot be easily configured to work the way I would like. If Claws Mail is too old-school for your liking, you might want to give Evolution a try.

I’d love to hear back which way you go. Enjoy!

I too look forward to your experience. I get more frustrated with Apple mail every day. The ability to archive and search has deteriorated to a level that makes the Apple almost useless. I have been using MailSpring for a few weeks now and it is better, except that I did not find a way to import any of my locally stored or archived messages.

Rick Davis

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