Mail from one inbox is showing up in another

Hi! I am a new user of Mailspring. I recently switched from Mac to PC, and I was using Spark on my Mac, so I switched to Mailspring because it seemed like a great alternative since Spark isn’t available on PC.

As someone who has nearly 10 separate email accounts for various hobbies, projects and work, I need to be able to keep them separate.

After using Mailspring for a week or so, I’ve noticed a persistent problem with emails from some account inboxes showing up in other account inboxes. And, yes, I’m talking about the individual email inboxes in Mailspring, not the unified inbox. When I check those email accounts in-browser, the same issue is not happening. In other words, the mismatched emails are not actually going to the wrong email address, they just seem to be missorted by Mailspring. When I check the individual emails in Mailspring, it still shows that it was sent to/received by the correct account but is showing up in a different account inbox.

Is this happening for anyone else, and are there any solutions? I really like Mailspring other than this issue, which, unfortunately, is a pretty big issue.

For context, I’m on a Windows 10 computer.

Thanks for any help!