Mailspring 1.8.0

Mailspring 1.8.0 has released, with a whole boatloat of bugfixes. Our first release of 2021 includes contributions from a half dozen members of the open source community. Thanks to everyone who filed bugs and pull requests! :tada:

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  • You can now choose a color for each account in Preferences > Accounts and conversations in the unified mailbox are colorized! (#2240, thanks @Phylu)


  • The search bar’s placeholder text now reflects the accounts you’re viewing (#2252, thanks @Phylu)
  • The “equal to” mail rule logic now supports matching against empty strings (eg subject = “No Subject”) correctly (#2254, thanks @Phylu)
  • Updated Turkish, Bengali, Chinese, and French translations (thanks @emintufan, @EwenQuim, @Aftabuzzaman and @johnpoint)
  • Support for pasting files sent in the text/uri-list format or as a secondary pasteboard item (@akdor1154)
  • Autofill for the Hostinger email provider (@merkys7)
  • The Yandex connection screen now includes instructions to enable IMAP #2111
  • The event header that appears when an email contains an ICS attachment now shows the correct timezone. #2093, #2255
  • On Linux, Mailspring no longer specifies python or git as package dependencies unnecessarily.


  • Mailspring now uses Electron 4.2.12 in preparation for a jump to Electron 8+.

What’s Next?

Don’t see a fix for your bug yet? Worry not! We hope to push out another release in the next couple of weeks with some more critical bugfixes.


Oh nice to see, that mailspring is not dead.