Mailspring and gmails - emails in mail folders

I have below issue,
I’m using mailspring for gmail account.
I don’t know what to do with issue when mailspring cannot read emails from mail folders in gmail. I have a lot of folders in my account.

Can you confirm what you mean by “mailspring cannot read emails from mail folders in gmail”? I’ve got two connected GMail accounts in Mailspring and can see my folders, and move emails in and out of them. This is in the Linux version 1.9.1.

Just to check: have you got “All accounts” selected at the top of the sidebar, and can you see the accounts listed in the sidebar? If so, have you tried clicking the “Show” button that appears when you hover over an account that’s been minimised?

The problem which I have is that mailspring is not downloading emails from mail folders,
please take a look at attach.