Mailspring Chrome Extension ... A Good Idea?


Is there a chrome extension for MailSpring on Linux OS ?

Any plans for the future ?

I just saw Microsoft Outlook has a Chrome extension … would it be a good idea for MailSpring too ?

A basic extension that can let me check the mails via this chrome extension as they arrive, an ideal entry point for MailSpring UI/process flow … considering most users will be on the Browser most of the time … should be a good idea … i hope.

Options within the Extension …

  1. Refresh (Send / Recieve) function.

  2. A shortcut that will launch the MailSpring Compose window(from the App running in the System Tray).

  3. Display a MailSpring configured Accounts Mail list, which displays within a chrome extension showing the newly arrived mail.

  4. The individual mails populated in this list should have the basic ability(functionality-a shortcut) to mark individual mails as Read(without opening the MailSpring Desktop Application), right there in the extension UI mails for unimportant mails …

  5. The individual mails have the option to read, invoking this option however can open the MailSpring(which will already be running in the systray) application window, after that all other options(UI’s) can be managed by the desktop application UI’s running on the system.

This Chrome extension basically could be the point of emanation of the MailSpring application running in the System Tray

Just a thought …