Mailspring could not store your password securely


On Artix Linux + s6 init system, installing mailspring (I modified the AUR to download the 1.9.1 version, though the 1.8.0 is the same) shows: Mailspring could not store your password securely. Make sure you have libsecret installed and a keyring is present.

To Reproduce…

I don’t know. On Arch Linux it is fine, but a reinstall of Artix Linux (without formatting the home partition) renders mailspring faulty. I deleted .config/Mailspring and reinstall gnome-keyring, and libsecret, still doesn’t work.

Expected Behavior



  • OS and Version: Artix Linux (Arch-based) + s6
    • Installation Method: AUR
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.1

Sorry to disturb the forum. This reply shouldn’t exist, but the Discourse’s guideline says that there can’t be 2 links in my post, which I don’t even put any link. That’s unfortunate.

As a quick note, I used nm-applet to connect to my VPN network, and it asked the password to the keyring. The first time it did, it even ask about creating a “Default keyring”, literally.