Mailspring crashes when tryin to print in Unbuntu 18.04 inside program


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  • Ubuntu Linux 18.04
  • Installation Method: <deb install via software package
  • Mailspring Version: <!1.101-b2e69c4b. →

Additional Context

What exactly do you mean with this bug? Can you please provide a better description? Otherwise there is no way to debug it.

Well the program crashes when I try to print the email. I do not think that this a something that should not happen.
Can you suggest how i can take a picture of the mailspring when it crashes ! I do not know what to add to the previous information you need more ? I can print to a PDF file and have to print that my printer, a direct print crashes ( the program stops working ) if you can tell me what more information you need, please tell me. I am at a lost of what more information you need.
Thank you for you help in this matter.

  1. step i open up the mailspring program.
  2. I click on the email that i want to print.
  3. I click on the icon of the printer in the upper right corner.
  4. the printer screen from the Ubuntu OS opens up
  5. I click on the print icon on the print screen.
  6. Then the background screen turns black and the whole system crashes.
  7. By crashing i mean that mailspring program stops working, clearing the screen.
  8. I pray t hat this are the steps that I use when the program stops working or crashes!
    if there are any more information, please let me know, so I can print from the mailspring program.
    if this is not a bug, please let me know, so I can use the correct terminology. I don not want to think that i am dumb, because I said that this is bug.
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I have the same problem with ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 after mailspring version 1.9.2.
When i click on Print button mailspring crashes and closes