Mailspring crashing/reloading after sending/archiving emails


Since a recent update to the app on my Macbook (started 2 versions ago from memory) I’ve experienced mailspring crashing/reloading multiple times a day. It appears to happen mostly after I send an email or try to archive one. I will hit send or archive, and the window goes white, and then everything seems to reload back in. The window resizes and refreshes and is slow to respond for a few seconds. Some times the email will have been sent and other times, it’s not.

At least twice now, the whole app has frozen on the white empty window. I’ll close the app and then be unable to open it back up. You can see it’s open on my Mac in the taskbar at the top, but no windows open. Despite restarting, closing, reopening etc.

The only way to get it to work is to delete the entire app and set it back up again.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

The issues happen at random. I could reply to 10 emails and have no issues. Then I’ll do 2 in a row and have the problem. It seems to always be when replying to emails and never starting a new email.

Expected Behavior

I’d expect the app to not crash/refresh while using it. To send an email and then have the window stay as it was without resizing or going blank.


I’ve been unable to grab a screenshot as the issue happens quickly.


  • OS and Version: MacOS Ventura 13.4
    • Installation Method: Install via MacOS Apple Silicon installer
  • Mailspring Version: 1.13.3

Additional Context

Email is setup using Google Workspace with custom domain. The email inbox is quite large and I often have email threads of 10/20/30 messages I am responding too.

The same errors here!! do you have any idea how fix?

No fix, I’m afraid, and I feel like it’s getting worse. It’s like the apps crashing constantly at random moments. Driving me nuts, I think I’ll seek a refund on my current subscription and find a new email program.

As someone who spends a bit of time in their email, it’s a real frustration. More so since support seems to be nonexistent here.

I completely agree with the sentiment expressed above and am just as frustrated with the constant crashes and lack of support from our current email service provider. It’s clear that individual complaints aren’t making the impact we need.
Therefore, I propose that all of us facing these issues come together and cancel our subscriptions en masse.
Only by uniting in our action can we hope to exert enough pressure to demand the attention and resolution our problems deserve.
It’s unacceptable for us to continue paying for a service that fails to meet basic expectations of reliability and support.
Is there anyone from the support team listening?
It’s time for our voices to be heard.