Mailspring doesn't respect Ubuntu window placement

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (yes, I know I need to upgrade to the new LTS) and Compiz and Mailspring is the only app I am running that doesn’t respect window placement hotkeys. I can drag most windows to the left or right hand side of the screen to force them to 1/2 screen width. Or I can use the meta key and an arrow to dock and undock windows.

Neither the hot zones nor the key combo works on Mailspring.

I can’t figure out if this is an Ubuntu issue or a Mailspring issue but it is a bit annoying and I’d love it if someone knew why this is happening and how to fix it!

I can confirm that the same behavior is found on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. The only key combo that works is to make it maximize or back to window size (meta+arrow up, and met+arrow down)

The issue is the following: With the reading enabled (2 Panel Layout), the minimum width of Mailspring is probably more than half of your display. Therefore, it is not possible to snap it to half the display’s size neither with hotkeys or dragging it.

If you switch from the two panel layout to the one panel layout without the reading pane, this minimum width requirement is nonexistent, and the shapping and behaviour should work.

This also explains, why the maximize hotkeys are working whereas the split hotkeys are not.

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It seems this is not really true/accurate. I decided to test this, by switching to “Single Panel”, and I can use hotkeys to snap the window to half the screen just as @Phylu stated.
I then switched back to “Two Panel” mode, and to my surprise (not really…), I’m able to snap the window to half the screen using hotkeys. Everything is working as it should, and whatever minimum width is ignored.
There shouldn’t be any limitations on minimum widths for a window. If the user wants to snap Mailspring to half its screen, the user should be allowed to do so. Also, it’s completely readable on a 1080p monitor, and from now on, my favorite way of using Mailspring :slightly_smiling_face:
There’s still a bug, by not having a consistent behavior on window resizing. If Mailspring decides to enforce a minimum window width (which I implore, please don’t), there should be a warning/note on the settings windows with a description of this expected behavior. (i.e. Mailspring won’t be able to snap to half the screen when using two-panel mode). But please, allow us, users, to use Mailspring how we see fit.
FYI, restarting Mailspring brings back the bug, in other words, we can’t resize/snap the window to half the screen.

Sounds like it’s worth opening a fresh Bug Report topic.

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I will check out the minimum width behavior of the window. Perhaps it is feasible to just remove the minimum width retirement.

@fcastilloec Surprisingly, I cannot confirm the behavior that you have been describing. Even if I switch from Single Panel to Two Panel mode, I cannot snap the window to my screen. Maybe an issue with the general screen size/resolution?

I will see, if we can easily remove the minimum width constraint completely or if this has some side effects.

I have added a PR which will reduce the minimum width of certain elements. Snapping to half a screen should work with this setup on a screen size width of at least 1920 px.

The PR has been merged and will be included in the next release. Please open a new issue here, should this arise again.

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