Mailspring Icon in System Tray not visible but it's present there

Hi, I am using Zorin OS and new to mailspring and Linux. From the title I mean the mailspring icon is present in the panel but is not visible as in screenshot and when I hover the mouse on that I can see the icon with white border.

The blank space between the notification bell and the scissor icon is where mailspring icon is present but not visible.

This below image is what I see when I hover the mouse on that blank space.

Any idea on how to make it properly visible like in bright colour without actually hovering?

Looks like it’s not detecting the system theme (light/dark) correctly. Perhaps try setting the Mailspring theme explicitly to Light in the Preferences?

Thanks for the reply, Sorry I don’t get what you mean by the word explicitly. The Theme I use is only light which is the default.


I have delved quite deeply in the mailspring icon tray problem, and my conclusion was that electron (the framework used to build mailspring) does not currently allow detecting if the Linux general style is light or dark. This is opposite to what can be done on MacosX, where electron is aware of the interface color.

I was not able to solve the problem, but in the process I have made my own Mailspring package where I replaced the default tray icon with a custom one that is black. I can share the .deb or .rpm file with you if you want.

p.s. I can upload my code fork on github if the devs are interested in having look at my naïve attempt.


Aha - well done! And I’m glad you managed to sort out the issue. It sounds like this needs to be a Mailspring setting on Linux, so perhaps it’d be worth listing this under the Bugs area of the forum?

I’ll do it as soon as possible. I think I saw some old discussions in the github tracker about this issues that did not get anywhere.