Mailspring keeps opening off screen


Mailspring opens outside the monitor area and can’t be brought back into view without restarting the computer. I have a laptop and a single monitor attached to it. Tried all the regular tricks (taskbar → cascading, side by side etc. it just does not move).

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Expected Behavior



  • OS and Version: Windows 10 Home 20H2
  • Mailspring Version: 1.8

Additional Context

I’ve had this problem occur. As long as some part of the app is on the screen, I just keep grabbing the corner I can see and re-sizing. Eventually, Mailspring snaps back onto the screen. Once, when it was completely off the screen, I did a right click on the task bar icon and selected Move and was able to get it back on the screen.

I’m also having the same issue described above. I did find a way to bring it back once by setting the shortcut to open the application in fullscreen, but after setting and resetting that it doesn’t work. The issue happens every time you open the app after fully closing with the taskbar & hidden icons/task manager. I should be on version 1.9.2 with Win10 V21H2 and a 2560x1440 with no other monitors.