Mailspring omits long / randomized email addresses from autocompletion

When using task managers like Trello and MeisterTask, you get private email adresses that are used for importing new task items via email. I often use this feature by forwarding important emails that i want to import as tasks in these systems. However, Mailspring refuses to find these private adresses automatically when typing in the To-field, even though they been used before and are added to my Gmail contacts (Gmail finds them just fine when using their webmail). I suspect that Mailspring somehow flags them as spam addresses because they are long and randomized in nature. (I cannot find them in Mailsprings contact manger either.)

I would like to be able to manually whitelist these addresses since they are a very important part of my workflow. I want them to appear automatically when typing in the To-field.

(Originally posted by mimavox on GitHub.)

Hey thanks for reporting this! We do currently omit “machine-generated” email addresses from autocompletion but I think we could change that! Will look in to this soon :+1:

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)