Mailspring on KDE

Hi all,

probably old topic but still get it not working on NEON KDE.
I got the typical error when trying to start MAILSPRING, that MAILSPRING couldn’T store the password and that “libsecret” should be installed.

Actually I know this warning / error message and the fix have been so far to install gnome-keyring. (At least on my OpenSuse system it did work). However, on KDE NEON I just haven’t gotten it running, even though I did install gnome-keyring.

It seems that mailspring does not get access to the keyring or so.
Does the system does need anything else except gnome-keyring with libsecret?

On my open-suse system, it seems that mailspring did have get access to kwallet through gnome-keyring. But this seems to be not true on my KDE NEon system.

Do you guys have any advice how I could get this solved / running?
Would love to use mailspring.

Thanks in advanced and best regards!