Mailspring pro

I’m based in India and can’t pay for PRO for the last 3-4 months, earlier it was working. Additional authentication is not supported on STRIPE payment setup. Kindly resolve.


This is due to RBI regulations.

Most of the responsible companies fixed the issues with stripe and issues invoices monthly to make payments for Indians like us.

But here, I can see you created many threads, and nobody cares to respond!

No support email, and no response in the community!

Such an irresponsible team!

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Yes, they made buggy software n forgot just to let money come in without responding to users’ queries, issues, and bugs.

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Well-said! I never expected that the support would be this much bad! At least they should give support to PRO and billing-related issues!

I know time is money. So, I’m not forcing to give one-to-one support for free users. But for PRO users, there should be a dedicated email support!

By the way, I managed to renew by asking my cousin’s help. He is in the UAE, and his card accepted!

I can get it done too, but other issue is you can’t add more than 2 O365 accounts now, no resolution for that

Now, I feel it isn’t worth upgrading to PRO. So, not going to renew next year.

Why do we have to support the business if there is no support!!!

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