Mailspring/Snoozed causing sync errors with Zoho Mail


Mailspring encounters sync errors periodically when syncing Zoho mail accounts. It tries to create the Mailspring/Snoozed folder, which fails as Zoho mail does not allow the user to create a folder with that name (even through the web client).


Sync any Zoho mail account, and the account will error out after an interval. The log shows errors about every 2 minutes, and the account shows an error in the UI every couple of days.

22964 [2021-08-13 10:21:11.257] [background] [info] Syncing folder list…
22964 [2021-08-13 10:21:11.551] [background] [error] Could not create required Mailspring folder: Mailspring/Snoozed. ErrorCreate

Email Provider

Zoho Mail


  • OS and Version: Windows 10 20H2
  • Installation Method: installer
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.1-30ef802f