Mailspring sometimes outside virtualdesktop areas

Running mailspring in windows 10 using multiple desktop areas (just like Mac and Linux have had forever and appeared in windows at version 10) does not work well with mailspring. What happens is mailspring looses its position in the virtual desktop space. You can zoom out so that you can see all desktops and windows on them and see mailspring in one of the desktops, but when zooming out to normal size again mailspring goes away and does not appear on any virtual desktop area. The only way to solve this is the reboot the windows machine. After that it works for a short while until it happens again and you have to reboot again. This is really annoying. Otherwise i really like mailspring and would really like to use it, but I cannot simply keep restarting my windows machine over and over, and I cannot not use multiple desktop areas, it becomes too messy.

I’m not sure what Mailspring is written in, but being a developer myself, but working with Java I made a personal java desktop app and decided to store and remember window coordinares and restore those on start. That gave the same behavior as mailspring i showning! Coordinates seem to keep changeing and what was at one time on a screen is after a while off any screen area. I removed the window coordinate saving that that seemed to fix the problem for my gui app.

Reproduce by using multiple desktop areas in windows 10 and run mailspring in one of them. Then switch desktop areas back and forth and choose other appps and then back to mailspring again back and forth. Sooner or later mailspring swill be invisible on all desktop areas but can be seen when zooming out to the complete desktop areas view.

(Originally posted by tosvfl on GitHub.)