Mailspring wont sync mails from


From few days mailspring wont sync my mails. Mail account is connected but sync not works. Before it happen all was fine.
Logs: Mailspring logs -


It happen all the time when i want sync mails.

Email Provider


  • OS and Version: Ubuntu 20.04.3, kernel 5.11.0-34-generic
  • Installation Method: snap
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.2-6e14dad1

Have you tried removing and re-adding the account? (Can be annoying if you have per-account settings like signatures, so be sure to back them up first!)

Yes, i did this few times. also i checked FAQ my provider to configure it well.

Does the same problem appear when you use a different mail client? It’s possible that the email provider’s having issues, if it’s just been a few days. It may also be worth trying your mail provider’s support team, in case some config has recently changed on their end.

The only other thing I can suggest is switching to the deb install (given you’re using Ubuntu). I had more problems with the snap than the deb (although this this particular one).

i sent mail to my provider support and im waiting for their response.

ok, ill try use instalation from .deb except snap, i hope it will help

instalation from .deb didnt help :confused: