Mailsync Bin Connecting to Suspicious Unknown IP Addresses

I’m using Portmaster (Safing Portmaster) as a sort of firewall that detects when an application tries to communicate to the internet and then asks me if I want to allow it. I’m running Mailspring on Linux and the Mailsync bin is constantly trying to communicate to IP addresses that are not needed for syncing with my Gmail accounts.

You can see in the screenshot below that the Google related connections are allowed but the other IP addresses are being blocked by Portmaster /myself because as far as I can tell, they’re unknown connections that shouldn’t be made.

It’s very concerning for me that a mail client is trying to make connections to unknown servers. Are my emails and my information being sent somewhere it shouldn’t be?

The only email address I have setup in Mailspring are Gmail addresses so there’s no reason to connect to any IP address that’s not Google’s.

If anyone has any information on this please share. I would greatly appreciate it.