Manage Rules in a Popout Window

The Problem

I have bunch of rules set up, but every now and then something I want to filter straight to a folder winds up in my Inbox. It is kind of a pill to go back and forth between the “rules” dialog and the inbox.

Proposed Solution

It would be really nice if I could build rules from search results (so if I search for something I can just say “make this a rule” and open a pre-filled rules dialog) but I would also love to be able to see my rules and my inbox at the same time, either in separate windows or separate panes.

Alternative Solutions

I’m open to other solutions.

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Related to this: it would be nice if there was a way to test a rule and see which messages it catches or misses.

For a more complex rule, like this one:


it would be really helpful to run that as a search, first, so I can confirm that I’ve got the syntax correct. In this case, I think “recipient” isn’t what I want. But a lot of newsletters are sent out via Mailchimp. I want to tag them as “Newsletters” – Gmail tends to categorize them as “Promotions” which they aren’t or “Updates” which is too general. If I funnel them all into “newsletters” that works better for me.

I think what I want is a search by “Reply-to” header, which isn’t yet an option.

Mail rule creation should be in a separate or floating window with the inbox visible and manipulable. It should not require needing to repeatedly open and close the mail rules (aka Preferences)—which is required for either a multi-criteria rule, or for creating more than one rule at a time—or switching back and forth between Mailspring and another app (such as TextEdit or BBEdit) to copy & paste criteria.

(Originally posted by quixoticraindrp on GitHub.)

It would be useful to be able to create and modify Mail Rules in a separate window so that we can easily switch back and forth between the inbox or a folder and the rule configuration as currently, in the ‘Preferences’, we can’t see everything we need in order to build the rules.

And/or allow us to right mouse click on an email and create a rule from it even…