Management Of Contacts

When composing emails and entering into the To, CC and BCC fields Mailspring autocompletes.

However the emails that come up are often old, or dead.
Where is mailspring getting these emails from?
Is there a way I can manage these.

Quote often this happens:

Billy Jean @
Billy Jean @
Billy Jean @

So to actually get to Billy’s latst email address I have to click on the third auto suggest, and sometimes I might accidentally choose the wrong one.

(Originally posted by matyhaty on GitHub.)

Hey @matyhaty! Thanks for reporting this. Mailspring finds contacts in your sent mail and offers them as suggestions by default. You can disable this feature by going to Window > Contacts, clicking “Found in Mail” and disabling it here:


I’ll see if we can link to the contacts window in a few more places so this is easier to find. It’s also worth mentioning that with it turned off, Mailspring will only offer suggestions if it supports your account’s address book (currently Google, O365, Yahoo, and iCloud only I believe.)

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

Thanks for the feedback
I can see that option, the main problem is that contacts are not coming over from Google.

Ive ensure im on latest version, Windows.
I have removed the account and re-added
retsarted and all that stuff
Ensured that there are contacts in the Gmail Contact part

But my contact remains empty

Any suggestions (im making the assumption that the contacts sync between mailspring and gmail of course!)

(Originally posted by matyhaty on GitHub.)

I have the same problem. I’m using Mailspring with an owned domain and I can’t use groups to send e-mails.

Thanks for your time!

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