Managing address book

How do I manage my address book contacts within Mailspring?

You can view and edit your contacts within Mailspring! Just choose Window > Contacts from the app’s main menu. Mailspring supports Google Contacts and CardDAV, an open standard used by iCloud, FastMail, and others.

(We do not currently allow you to manage contacts from Outlook, Office365, or Yahoo accounts. We plan to add this functionality at some point in the future.)

Creating Contacts

To create a new contact, select the “All Contacts” group of one of your connected accounts from the sidebar. The “Add Contact” button in the toolbar will become enabled once you’ve selected one of your accounts. Then just click Add Contact, fill in your contact’s information, and press Save Changes in the bottom right.

Creating and Managing Contact Groups

From the left sidebar of the contacts window, you’ll see a list of your connected accounts and the contact groups you’ve created. To create a new group, hover over the account’s label and click the “+” icon that appears.

Add members to the group by dragging and dropping them from the account’s “All Contacts” view or from another group.

Remove members from the group by selecting one while viewing the group and choosing “Remove from Group” from the toolbar in the top right.

To remove or rename a contact group, right click it or double click it in the left sidebar where groups are shown.

When you’re composing new emails, type the name of a Contact Group into the recipients box and press Enter to automatically add all of the members of the group (that have email addresses) to your message.


I have a contact sync problem.
I created contact groups in Gmail, but the program hasn’t been updated, I’d rather the entire list disappear. How do I update my Google contact list?


Hey @szoron thanks for reaching out! Mailspring syncs your address book with the provider every 45 minutes because Google places a 1M API requests / day cap on the app and it’s fairly easy to hit. If you quit Mailspring and relaunch it, it’ll sync your contacts immediately though. Hope that helps, we’re hoping to have the cap raised this year–

Hi- I’ve read this and I don’t understand how to connect my google contacts to my mailspring account as in my case I’m not linking my gmail account to mailspring but would still like to access my google contacts?

When in Window-Contacts I can only see contacts that show in sent mail. Add a contact is greyed out and even if I select All contacts or select account (there’s only one) it still doesn’t enable for me to add any contacts. Nor does it ‘sync’ my contacts from the account. Is this only a paid feature?

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I have the same problem. I have two accounts connected to mailspring and inactive contacts add contact and edit buttons, what am I doing wrong?

But how do I connect my google contacts if I’m not moving my gmail account over to Mailspring?

I added a new contact using the above instructions however when I compose a new message and put in the name of the conract Mailspring doesn’t find it? I can see it in my “all contacts” list tho??

So this is getting very frustrating- I’ve added a new contact using your instructions above and Mailspring shows me its there in Contact/All Contacts but when I compose a new messag, it never finds this new contact!