Mapping New IMAP Sent Folder Removes Times and Dates from Messages in List Panel


The folder for sent items selected by MailSpring upon addition of a new IMAP account was not the one used by the previous mail client (i.e. all sent items were in a particular folder called “Sent” but MailSpring automatically chose a folder called “Sent Items”). Assigning the proper “Sent” folder in MailSpring settings resulted in MailSpring removing all time and date information in the list panel for all messages in this folder. Restarts, reboots, and rebuilds did not remedy the issue.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to ‘Settings > Folders’
  2. Click on ‘Sent Mail’
  3. Scroll down to ‘The Sent Mail folder you wish to map in MailSpring’
  4. Select the mail folder you wish to map/update for MailSpring to use for sent mail
  5. In the main MailSpring interface (two-panel view), the newly mapped sent folder reveals “no date” in the list panel for all messages

Expected Behavior

The newly mapped sent mail folder should behave like all other folders with date/time summary for each message listed (i.e. in the upper right corner of each message record in the list panel).



  • OS and Version: macOS Ventura 13.2.1
    • Installation Method: installer
  • Mailspring Version: 1.10.8

Additional Context

If you undo the sent folder re-mapping (i.e. revert back to the default folder originally selected by MailSpring for sent mail), the time & date displays properly again in the emails listed in source folder for all messages (i.e. when viewing them in the list panel).

This problem is still present in 1.10.8-8ea2a61f on Linux (.deb)