Mark Read On Action/Reply

I have been loving Mailspring so far but this feature would improve the UX quite a lot.

As for now, everytime I archive a message from the inbox, Mailspring moves to the next or previous unread message, marking it read straight away. Having the option to keep it unread until user action (click, archive…) would be awesome.

(Originally posted by paulgaumer on GitHub.)

Hey @paulgaumer — thanks for reporting this, this seems like a great idea. I’ll see if we can add this as an option soon. Right now you can choose to “Mark as read after…” a number of seconds, but it seems like we need a new option in that dropdown that is “upon action”.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

Hey @bengotow - Looking to get into contributing to Mailspring and would like to give this a try. As a first timer can you point me into the right direction on where the mail preferences live in the code base?

Scratch the above question, two more seconds and it appears to live in tabs/preferences-general component.

There is also this issue #956

Would it make sense to just have an ‘on action’ option that would also trigger on send? That way there’s no possibly redundant options? Or does it make sense to have an ‘on action’ and ‘on send’ option?

When it comes to marking a thread as read automatically when an action has been done, do you have a prefered way to you want this done? I see each action has a task that runs but I’m not sure what is the best method to mark a thread as read after any action.

I like to mark emails as read explicitly. However it would speed this up if there was an option to mark them automatically on reply (or other actions, although just on reply would be pretty good already!).

(Originally posted by jotaf98 on GitHub.)