Merge and rename threads

Hi there, I bought into the hypetrain however overall I am quite disappointed with their product.

There is however one unique feature of their platform that I use extensively, and that is the merge and rename threads feature. Is such a feature planned for your platform?

Such has made my emails way more manageable as each thread now has a terse name that actually makes sense to me. Such as order emails merged with their shipping emails, and named after the company from and product ordered. Or support emails named after the company and the issue, instead of random additional emails or being called by case numbers. Or even for merging emails from humans who do a new email thread for every mail they send.

It need not need any imap syncing, it can just be a pure client ui feature, of which the malling of email to which thread is purely in the ui magic. Such thar other clients, such as gmail have no awareness of the feature, only the mailspring client does.