Message body search is limited to Mailspring's offline cache of last N years / messages, but not documented


I’m searching for specific keyword “u2412m”. Both Gmail and Spark clients showing 3 search results but Mailspring can’t find any.







  • OS and Version: Windows 10
  • Mailspring Version: 1.7.2-4522b259

(Originally posted by Luminarcy on GitHub.)

Hey! Thanks for reporting this—based on the dates of the messages in the Gmail screenshot, my guess is that Mailspring didn’t sync the bodies of these messages for search (it uses a few heuristics to avoid taking up too much disk space in large mailboxes). You can check and see if this is the case by searching for the subject line / to / from etc. to pull up these results in Mailspring, clicking them to load the message bodies, and then seeing if results appear for u2412m. (I think they’ll show up).

If that’s the not the case let me know! Either way, we should improve this behavior. I think that for Gmail accounts we can delegate more of search to Gmail’s API, and for all accounts we can expose the options to limit your offline cache of the mailbox so you can easily see how far back it’s indexed.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

I can confirm that this is happening to me, too.
It can happen when I search for emails from the last 3 months, not necessarily a few years back.

The search is the most valuable feature I find using really often. This is kind of a deal-breaker.
I found myself struggling to find emails using Mailspring search only to realize after weeks that it was the client’s fault.

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