Message font size

Is there a way to increase the text size in inbox messages?
Some emails have small text that is difficult to read with old eyes.

I don’t want to increase the entire interface, that’s fine, its just for reading emails.

Aside from changing the “Scaling” option on the Appearance tab in Preferences, I don’t believe so. That being said, there is more than one reason your Inbox messages might look too small (since it sounds like the other portions of the app are big enough to read?):

  1. Your operating system could be using a small font or scaling for Electron apps (which is used for the User Interface). Are you seeing anything like this with other apps on your system?

  2. The emails you’re receiving could be formatted in HTML and manually set to a small font size. Are you seeing this with all messages in your Inbox, or do “generic-looking text” emails look better than others?

If neither of the above seem helpful, you might have to fix this by increasing the overall Scaling option in Mailspring and accept the rest of the interface getting larger at the same time.