Message Importance

When composing an email, it could be nice to mark it as urgent in order to be received in a different way (different color or highlighted) according to each email client.

In Outlook you have the following options:

  • Importance
    • Low
    • Normal
    • High
  • Sensitivity
    • Normal
    • Personal
    • Private
    • Confidential

There are some other interesting options, like voting and others, but this could be other feature request.

(Originally posted by pablorq on GitHub.)

Hey! There’s actually an email standard for this (RFC 4021 - Registration of Mail and MIME Header Fields) but Mailspring doesn’t allow you to choose message importance because many clients don’t display the value. I’ll see if we can add this as an advanced option sometime soon.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

Maybe this can be a way to differentiate Mailspring form other email clients: to accomplish the RFCs!


(Originally posted by pablorq on GitHub.)

I need this feature very much. I hope the status of received message importance will be present as well. I use Mailspring on Linux with Outlook 365 account and need to see if the message was tagged with high importance.

I hope this feature will be developed soon.

(Originally posted by fazla86 on GitHub.)