Message window (popup) always opens on the primary display


I have setup with two displays and Mailspring is on the second. When trying to create new message or open some existing one it always ends up on the default display. Moving window to the secondary display and then closing doesn’t help - it’ll still open on the first one. It’s a minor issue but I’d gladly see it addressed. :slight_smile:


  • OS and Version: Windows 10 64bit
  • Mailspring Version: 1.3.0

(Originally posted by Draghmar on GitHub.)

I think this may be something we can fix - Electron BrowserWindow’s don’t indicate what screen they’re currently on, but I imagine each screen has a separate coordinate space range, so we might be able to identify the screen and then center the new window on the same screen. (electron/ at 1375c3d805497246a01fd8a86bde0e5a356f1138 · electron/electron · GitHub)

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This problem applies also to viewing attachments as well

For anyone else that may stumble on this issue. If you are on Ubuntu you can use this rather hacky workaround using wmctrl and a python script that runs all the time:

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Hi there !

I’m having a display issue as well. Everytime I try to write a new message, the window pops up on my secondary display instead of the default one. It is the same wether both of my screens are on or not.

I understand you provided a code to fix it but what I don’t get is how to use it…

Can you help ? Maybe come up with a permanent fix such as a display menu in the preferences ?

Thanks !

I’m using Mailspring on Zorin 16 Pro linux by the way.

I have the same issue with Mailspring 1.9.1 on Manjaro Linux 21.1.3 (Pahvo)

Mailspring is open on the primary Display (external Monitor), but the “New Mail”-Window opens always on the Laptop Screen to the left of the primary Monitor. So does the “View Attachment”-Window.

Other Windows (not from Mailspring), like new Browser Windows or starting Applications open immediately correctly on the primary Display.

I hope this helps identifying and fixing the issue.

Same issue here with Debian.

This look like a minor issue if you don’t experience it yourself, but that’s really annoying, and it is the only blocking one I found after 24h of trial.

Hope a workaround can be found!

By the way, thanks for making this project, I love the open-source freemium/premium business model, and I am going to go premium after one week if the trial is good!

Yes, I’m having the same issue on MacOS Monterey Version 12.4 on a relatively new MacBook Pro. Every other application I have will open windows on my designated monitor, but Mailspring will only open new windows on my laptop monitor. Very frustrating.