Missing Accounts/Accounts Not Showing

I have five mail accounts

Accounts I added before are not visible in the menu.
I’ve had this problem before.

They appear in the list when I add them again.
But when I turned ‘Mailspring’ off and on, they disappeared.

MailSpring version : windows 1.9.1-30ef802f
OS: win10 Home 19042.985

Same issue, have three accounts, the first two (gmail, o365) works fine, but the third one, a gmail account, doesn’t appear in the list. Reopening doesn’t help, re-auth the connection doesn’t either.
I clicked the window option in the top bar, select the third account only view, works fine. Switched back to the main screen, and all three accounts showed up.

Maybe some kind of bug in updating the list? And can be fixed by manually updating it?

Endeavour OS x86_94 5.15.12-arch1-1
1.9.2 6e14dad1