More control of threads

The Problem

I found than many of my email threads are split into multiple threads in Mailspring. This happens when it doesn’t recognize them as one thread. As when I send an email “”, and someone replies in Norwegian, so the answer’s subject is “SV:” (instead of “Re:” as it would have been in English). Or, when they are assigning a case-number or something so that the subject of the reply is “:”.

Proposed Solution

I would like an option to choose all emails to be grouped to one thread if their subject is the same after the last colon. In general, I would have liked many more options to choose how Mailspring decides how it groups emails together in threads. I never like to trust the technology blindly.


Under you can see an example where multiple email threads are split into multiple threads. “Pause?” is split into two, “Teknisk problem (…)” is also split into three, etc.


(Originally posted by Jonassenher on GitHub.)