Mouse back/forward buttons

The back / forward buttons on my mouse do nothing as far as I can tell. For example, when viewing an email and clicking on the back button on my mouse, I would expect to be taken back to the inbox. Instead, nothing happens.

(Originally posted by Raytar on GitHub.)

Hmm can you open the Developer Tools in Mailspring (from the Developer menu), go to the console and type document.addEventListener('keyup', (e) => console.log(e.keyCode))? Then switch focus back to the Mailspring window and hit the back / forward buttons on the keyboard and let me know what keycodes are in the console.

You can probably map the back/forward “key press” events from your mouse in the keyboard shortcuts panel in Preferences > Keymaps (click a mapping to change it) but I’m curious to know if we can add them by default.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

Not sure what you mean about the keyboard, but I did some looking around and it seems that electron doesn’t recognize the forward/back buttons on linux. (see electron#6996). However, I also found a module that can be used instead: mouse-forward-back

(Originally posted by Raytar on GitHub.)

I’m getting the same behaviour. However, with document.addEventListener('keyup', (e) => console.log(e.keyCode)) , I am getting key codes 18 and 37 when pressing the back button on my mouse (equivalent to ALT + Left Arrow ) for example, but it does absolutely nothing. Where can I add custom key mappings for back and forth panel navigation? There doesn’t seem to exist an option in Preferences -> Keymaps for this…

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Alt+ and Alt+ are very common keyboard shortcuts, supported by Chrome, Firefox and a lot of file browsers. So can we consider adding them to the default keymap?

(Originally posted by jGleitz on GitHub.)

+1 here

This would be very useful and intuitive.

+1 for adding mouse shortcuts