'Move email to folder' autosuggest


The Problem

I find it rather difficult to move emails between folders as my folder hierarchy is rather long/complicated. I’ve found a Thunderbird plugin “Manage Emails/ Nostalgy++” to be pretty great in such respect. Yet I prefer Mailspring as my email client :slight_smile:

Proposed Solution

I have created a pull request implementing my solution: Add Menu action allowing it to be used as AutoSuggest by kanunnikau · Pull Request #2456 · Foundry376/Mailspring · GitHub
There are two main parts of the change:

  • new ‘Menu’ ability to report when a user ‘drills down’ into a menu item (by highlighting and pressing Tab or ArrowRight),
  • ‘MovePickerPopover’ code to handle that ability.

This way I can:

  • type in part of the folder name,
  • search works as before,
  • highlight desired target folder (or parent folder if I want to create a new subfolder),
  • press Tab of ArrowRight to plug the highlighted folder name into the search field,
  • continue typing to further narrow down my search or to prepare a full name/path for a new folder to create.

Alternative Solutions

Without this “autosuggest” ability I either have to scroll through a long list of folder names or correctly type in the whole folder path. This is especially frustrating if I am trying to create a new subfolder.


Thunderbird has a plugin “Manage Emails/ Nostalgy++” that provides similar functionality (“Save message to folder” in their vocabulary).