Moved messages are not in the unread section

Hey, I’m using the mail rules quite extensively. Recently, I came across the issue, that

  • moved emails don’t appear in the “unread” section even though I never read it
  • moved emails do not cause a desktop notification on Ubuntu

This makes me miss a new email. The only way I currently see to find out about those new emails is to check every folder I have by clicking on them. This is really time consuming. When mails are not moved, they cause notifications and are displayed in the “unread” section.

My rules are set up in a way, that they only move messages. There is no “mark as read” in the actions.

Am I doing something wrong?
How to change this behavior?

I’m thankful for any help. I really need to get that solved. Otherwise I’ll have to switch the mail tooling which I’d prefer not to, because Mailspring is very nice :slight_smile: