My new toy doesn't vibrate, but my head does

I apologize right out of the gate. Your helpful guides in the prefilled area here expressly state to be clear and concise. I’m afraid I am rarely either. I promise you, i stay out of places like this for that reason, so you won’t see much of me. However…

I just discovered MailSpring this afternoon, and so far I love it. I’d been using eM client, which I think is no longer free at all, but I stopped using it after the trial because their “free” version only allowed a couple of accounts. anyway…

After that, I’d been using BlueMail, which is a lot like eM client, but not quite as good (probably, but getting better). Neither of them are really that good, tbh. I had a problem w/ my hotmail acct-- seems like the built-in spam filters stopped working and suddenly i have all sorts of junk in my hotmail acct. Whatever. I hardly use it. BlueMail offers to block senders by domain, but when the sender is something like and you know you want to filter out all the way, it doesn’t let you specify that. garbage. Disgusted w/ that, I wen ton a search for a new email client today. I read several articles about “the top five” ; “best free”, you know the blogger’s routine. Several mention MailSpring, though they seem to be upset about the interface, which I actually like very much. I’m a bi, not trans. That is, I probably use Linux about 50% of the time. So, if anything, to me it might put me in the mind of the best interfaces you’ll find in Linux native apps. I dunno. I don’t have a problem with it at all. I think it’s nice. But, I did start using email in 1995, so…

The Problem

There is no problem. I was trying to figure out where to provide feedback. Sorry if this is wrong, this is my first time here. I didn’t consider it “Meta” worthy, as i know nothing about the community yet. I didn’t consider it a lounging thing, as I wanted to express specifically about MailSpring. Maybe there ought to be a “Feedback” category (speaking of which, this website is bad@$§. Really smooth, well put together. I’ve seen this before actually. I think it’s a Python thing, and not free because I wanted to try it and you have to jump through some hoops if you’re not serious straight away (probably not. but i’m schizophrenic, probably). If I remember correctly, they think I’m nuts there too! Ha!

Proposed Solution

Oh, I was gonna say one thing I do miss from BlueMail/ emClient are the avatar-ish icons which appear next to the sender, like you’d see in gmail (I think, depending on your view? ). Like you might see a red @ symbol for me, if i sent you email and you viewed it in those clients. blah, blah who cares.

that feature it does help to quickly scan the inbox for a message, or groups of messages or whatever. that’s about the only thing i’m missing. The sidebar has it in there, but that’s a Pro feature for one. I can’t afford food right now, and I ain’t lyin. Pshaw. Food stamps: i don’t even have that. I did… the world hates me. I tell you no lies.
and, for two: you only see it when one of the msgs are active. So, it’s not the same. It’s maybe better w/ that pane because it provides addl data (e.g. other msgs w/ that sender, sender details). i suppose that would be defined as different. better/ worse is like walking to school or carrying your lunch. but, you get the idea.

Alternative Solutions

i don’t have any solutions. i guess i’d just say, you already have the data, and the setup for it to display. i don’t know anything about building desktop software, but i suspect you might not be including it due to some form-designing widget not allowing an image there or something (in the message list pane). ha! i have no idea.


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