Need some help with issues/moderation?


First of all, thanks @bengotow for your work on Mailspring. From far the best email client ever ever ever (and I tried them ALLLLLLLLLL, goshhhh, when I thought Mailspring was abandoned). Good luck with issues!! :clap:

As a web developer, I really want to help you guys to work on open issues. I just need to finish some quick personal projects IRL, but I can’t wait.

Before I start my learning curve (which is the most painful and time-consuming), I would like to know if I can help you to clear/sort/organize issues @CodeMouse92 ? Maybe I can help to find duplicates or whatever you need. It could be a great way for me to start.

Anyway, if you guys need some help, feel free to ask me! I really want to help Mailspring development.

Have a nice day!

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Hi @kaleidoscopique,

Thanks for the note! I would indeed appreciate the help clearing, sorting, and organizing issues. It was a major victory to bring 1.1K Issues down to 980, but there’s still a long way to go obviously. XD

I’ll PM you about helping out with that.

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Ahah yes, it’s a great victory :smiley: I was happy to see the counter under 1000 too.

Thanks for the PM, let’s continue the discussion over there.