New iCloud startTLS errors on sending

Just today Mailspring stopped working when sending an email from iCloud. I am getting an error:

Sorry, Mailspring was unable to deliver this message: StartTLS is not available.

I have tried adding again the account by going to “Update connection settings…” but that did not help.
The emails arrive to iCloud email as expected, there is only a problem with sending the emails.

That’s quite odd. I wonder if it’s an isolated case, or if anyone else on iCloud can reproduce this.

It’s not,
I’ve been having theses issues for a while now –
not specific to icloud, happens with Gmail addresses too, at randow
have to use another client – this is blocking

version 1.8.0 on Linux

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Thanks @multicam, I’ve marked it as #accepted, since we can reproduce this.

Unfortunately, I can’t give any timeframe. Because the main developer, Ben, works on Mailspring besides his full time job, and everyone else is a volunteer, the project sometimes moves a bit slow. Anyone’s welcome to go digging for the cause and/or solution if so inclined.

This issue started today. I’m also on Linux v 1.8.0

I frequently get the messages “One or more accounts are having connection issues”. If it’s the office account, it’s easily fixed by Preferences > Accounts and logging into office again via the oauth page.

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