Newsgroups (Usenet) Support

The Problem

It would be marvelous if Mailspring could also serve as a newsgroup (USENET) client. There is a severe shortage of maintained newsgroup clients, despite the fact that the protocol is still actively used.

This is a rather “out there” idea, but worth considering anyhow, especially given the suggestion to add RSS support: RSS feed reader for Mailspring

Proposed Solution

Allow adding a newsgroup account (e.g. Eternal September) and subscribing to newsgroups. Much of the interface is the same as with an email client…

  • Stars and spam would affect the local message score.
  • Each newsgroup would display as a separate folder under the account.

NOTE: We should lock this to text-only for newsgroups. Some corners of USENET are used for illegal file distribution, and we don’t want to facilitate that. It’s for that reason that Eternal September and similar services are text-only.

Alternative Solutions

Building my own. (Haha)