Next release?

It seems there are many bugs making this app basically unusable (authentication not sticking, white screen crash).

Any thoughts on when the next release will be? It’s been over 5 months since an update.

I am also getting the white screen death and it would seem to be related to a stuck email update. I hope this might help in identifying the problem.

This project feels pretty dead, I’m planning on killing my subscription for premium.

For now I will continue to use Mailspring since there is no mail client with these features on Linux. And Linux is the system of our company’s machines

it’s too buggy - i have to reauthenticate multiple times per day on my work’s gmail; and it crashes 5-10 times per day while writing emails.

Can anyone suggest the closest alternative? I’ve tried using thunderbird for the last few days and it’s paralyzingly awful ux.

We use it on Linux and it’s true that version 1.13 is partially unstable. However, going back to version 1.12 everything works fine. Try downgrading the mailspring version