No keyring found?


I installed Garuda Linux on my old MacBook and wanted to use Mailspring to do my E-Mail work. However, it keeps complaining I do not have libsecret installed (which I do) and that it can not find a keyring - which I also should have. Then it sends me over to this address: but it’s unreachable…

To Reproduce…

  1. Install Garuda Linux, Wayfire edition
  2. $ pacman -S mailspring libsecret gnome-keyring
  3. Start Mailspring
  4. Skip Cloud features. Now the dialog should pop up.

Expected Behavior

All I want is to set up my GMail account. Geary refused to do anything, KMail completely imploded and now Mailspring does not seem to recognize that I have met all dependencies by now. All I expected is to read my mail o.o


  • OS and Version: Garuda Linux (Rolling)
    • Installation Method: Live USB
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.2-2